The Cup comes home

Robert Bortuzzo, left, Pat Maroon, center, and David Perron play "Gloria" over a speaker as they approach a group of fans on Thursday, June 13, 2019 after the team arrives home from Boston in the early hours of the morning at Lambert International Airport. Photo by Colter Peterson,

QUESTION: I appreciated all Maroon did for this team. But let's not pretend like Patty is Steve Yzerman. If you had the choice, would you sign Pat, or let him walk to give Kyrou/Kostin/someone else young a chance?

TOM T.: If there were no other factors at play, I'd say keep Maroon. In a perfect world, you'd bring Maroon and Kyrou and Kostin and Sanford and all those forwards into camp and say the best man wins. But you can't do that -- unless Maroon came in on a PTO -- and there are other factors, with the salary cap and younger players who should start playing, so with that the case, it's time to see what those other forwards can do. As I've said before, Maroon is in that bind of being in hockey's vanishing middle class. Either you make $4 million or more or you make the league minimum. It's tough for guys in between to find jobs.