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Stubby Clapp

Memphis Redbirds manager Stubby Clapp. (Post-Dispatch archives)

QUESTION: Would Stubby clapp be a legit potential replacement for Matheny? With the success at Memphis and with the players enjoying the way he runs the Triple-A team and the Cards looking to always grow farm-to-table stars, should MM be looking over his shoulder?

HOCHMAN: With the way the Cards have clawed back this season, I don't think that MM will be let go in the offseason (not that I thought that anyways). But yes, if the team doesn't make the playoffs two years in a row, it's fair to wonder about the manager's future. And Stubby has got himself a nice squad over there in Memphis. I drove out there a couple weeks ago, and I really enjoyed chatting with the old infielder and his hitting coach, too, "Buddha."

But I would have to think that if Matheny is ever let go, Mike Shildt would be a guy they'd really zero in on. I'm not anointing him, but he's definitely a strong baseball mind, and smart people in the game speak highly of him.