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Stanley Cup: Fans watch Game 7 at Enterprise Center

Ron Baechle, aka Towel Man, stands in the spotlight during the Game 7 watch party at sold-out Enterprise Center. (Post-Dispatch photo by Colter Peterson)

QUESTION: How does last season affect this year, as far as ticket sales and financially overall?

TOM T.: The Blues were already a team spending to the salary cap, so the success makes it easier to do that, but they obviously can't spend any more. I jokingly asked Stillman as we walked to the stage at the victory celebration how season-ticket renewals were going and he said they were going well. I would imagine season-ticket sales likely went up, and sales for early season games probably went up too. The success likely also made it easier for them to buy back the last piece of the team that was not in local ownership. The Blues have seldom made money in their existence so this season's success should provide a buffer for any upcoming lean years, though the team no doubt hopes the next few years will also be successful and add to their coffers.