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Correa, Astros top Cards 8-2; Goldschmidt HR in 6th straight

Houston Astros starter and free-agent-to-be Gerrit Cole pitches against the Cardinals on July 27 at Busch Stadium. (AP Photo)

QUESTION: Looking ahead to 2020, Gerrit Cole would bring a lot of much needed certainty to the Cardinals rotation. Is there any chance the Cardinals would be able to get into the mix for him, what with all the dead-weight contracts it seems they have on the books?

GORDO: Again, that's the challenge. The Cardinals need to add at least one more starting pitcher, since both Wacha and Wainwright could be gone after this season and Alex Reyes is making Anthony Reyes look like a Roger Clemens-like iron man. But will DeWitt bump that payroll up $20 million or more per year to make it happen?