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High school is a time in life that is meant to build your education. It is also a time in which students meet new friends and live their life to the fullest.

To be successful in the future, you need a good education. It seems as of lately, teenagers have been taking their education for granted. Some high school students are not thankful enough to all of the teachers that devote their time to teach. It comes back to haunt them in many ways, especially in planning for their future.

If you don't apply your education skills towards your grades, then you are limited to a few of the fun extra-curricular activities in high school. Maybe you want to play football to get in good shape, but you won't make the team if you don't focus on your grades. Or you might have good grades, but you could be goofing off and annoying the teachers during class. Coaches and leaders look at your class history and they don't want you on the team if you can't focus on your studies and behavior.

Pattonville High School recently did a study reflecting activities to grades. The High School compiled information that showed that students with more extra-curricular activities have a higher grade point average (GPA). Students with at least two extra- curricular activities average at least a 3.0 GPA.

So does this mean that students with 1.5 GPA and no extra-curricular activities are dumb? Not necessarily, it could be that a student is facing a lot of stress at home, with friends, or staying focused in class. Some teens face difficulties in school because they never talk about their problems. Others are too shy to meet new friends and join clubs.

"It's probably a combination of things," said Pattonville English teacher and STUCO advisor, Mrs. Muckerman-Presson. "Some people don't have support at home. Some people don't find grades as a motivation. Sometimes certain subjects come easier than others."

In a normal high school day, I never try to worry about any stressors. Sure I want to meet new friends and lay back on homework at times. But this is one of the biggest problems for teens in high school. If students procrastinate on their homework and are unable to focus on their studies, they will soon fall behind quickly. And like I said before, this will limit them to only a few of the fun activities the school has to offer.

As students, what can we do to stop this problem? Even if a student isn't the smartest person in the school, they can all give their best effort towards their grades. Teachers like to see students trying in class, and want to help them achieve their best. If you are still struggling in the class, many teachers offer tutoring after school. I believe that most teachers are very nice and enjoy their job.

Another good way to help yourself with your grades is to get involved in class discussions. If you have questions about a subject, make sure you talk about it with the teacher during the class. You also have the opportunity to express your opinion with facts in Socratic seminars and debates. If you participate in class, then you will find your subject a lot easier, and be able to share your opinion with your friends.

As a freshman at Pattonville High School, I might not know exactly how every class works. However, I try to make the best out of my learning opportunities. Yes, I know high school isn't super easy, but you can make it easier by taking your education seriously. It might not be fun or easy right now, but it leads you to a fun a successful future.