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To the editor:

The elected officials of the city of Green Park are to be congratulated on their decision to add city funded yard-waste collection to the city’s waste hauling contract with American Eagle Waste Industries.

Effective May 1, all residents of single-family homes will be able to conveniently and lawfully dispose of yard waste each Wednesday via at the curb pickup. 

But the mere fact of offering an amenity doesn’t magically imbue city residents with the desire to use it. Many in Green Park are tethered to the “old days” when residents gathered or raked yard waste into a pile, set fire to it, or just left it to decompose. Some even use the sewer system to dispose of tree leaves. So an educational process will be necessary.

Providing yard waste pick-up is a step in the right direction, but only a step toward cleaning-up our town and making it shine (to paraphrase Mayor Reinagel). An educational process is the next step: that being enforcement of existing ordinances concerning yard waste. But educational enforcement will be a challenge because it’s an area in which Green Park is historically lacking. Will the Reinagel administration meet the challenge?

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park