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Readers SOUND OFF! on Mayor Young, Ballwin aldermen and more

Readers SOUND OFF! on Mayor Young, Ballwin aldermen and more

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Some business

Valley Park Mayor Young promised he would run the city like a business if elected. Well, his business was just served a $21,000 federal tax lien against it. That's financial responsibility. That's the way I want the city to be run. Great.

Aldermen subvert people's will

What do the 10 Ballwin aldermen get for voting in another Schnucks store — the latest on Clarkson and Kehrs Mill, when a majority of residents and other communities nearby are so set against it? I guess there is no more "will of the people." I wonder if any one of these men would care to live next door to the store, with the increased and constant traffic and bright lights day and night. Makes you wonder.

Thanks for the favor

I just want to say a big thank you to whoever took the time and effort to return my medicine found outside of Chesterfield Walmart on Saturday, July 11, and returned it. And also to the clerk at the pharmacy that promptly called me and told me that they had it for me to pick up. Signed, Grateful.

Inconsiderate official

Recently I read in the Post-Dispatch that the National Parks Service from Washington, D.C. director - the director, no less - was in St. Louis, and he parked in a handicapped spot even though he's not handicapped. And he got a ticket. And he acted it like it was no big deal. He'll pay it. How ignorant of that director to abuse those parking spaces for us that really need it. How disrespectful can a national park director be that he just ignores handicapped parking? He should have gotten a minimum of $500 fine or worse yet, take away his driver's license. But how inconsiderate of him!

Whose side are they on?

Leon Panetta and the Democrats in Congress are outraged that the CIA and the Bush administration would target al-Qaida leaders who are trying to kill Americans. I just tremble when I think of who is in charge of our country now.

McCaskill dislikes seniors

Senator McCaskill is grandstanding in the news again with her attacks on reverse mortgages. This is one of the many efforts to show how much she dislikes seniors. Look out, baby boomers, you're next on her hit list.

Kiel will be a boon

If we accept $60 million as the economic impact of the All-Star Game, we also accept $110 million economic impact of the opening month of Kiel Opera House, on the low side. This is what downtown performing arts centers do.

Big business the problem

As I read the editorial claiming that this generation is too materialistic, I had to agree. But no one is trying to bring about socialism. We just need to stop big business's role in running the country. The fact that companies still want to give bonuses after bailouts has to give us a clue of the problem.

Cheating politicians

The politicians who commit adultery are always getting by with it. Their counterparts defend them since they are often guilty of adultery or other crimes themselves. Adultery is a sin that shows no love or respect for spouses. Politicians think an apology can take care of anything. The clergy preaches goodness on Sunday but remains silent on political chicanery and often preaches forgiveness. Clergy and other voters should denounce those adulterous politicians and vote them out of office.

Non-smokers imposing on us

We now have a small, narrow-minded group of non-smokers forcing their preferences on everyone, including the firemen. Perhaps we can start a similar program to stop everyone from drinking beer and similar products or consuming anything containing sugar or pasta or pork. America's freedoms are being quickly taken away by a minority and some high-ranking politicians.

Ostentatious and unnecessary

I just parked next to a white Cadillac Escalade with a gold Missouri plate number 4 that at the bottom says "state auditor." I just hope that's not a state-owned vehicle. I don't care if they are an auditor; they don't need to have a company car that costs probably close to $60,000 with chrome wheels.

Elder's analysis absurd

"Elder the Absurd" is way over the top in implying that Dr. Kissinger agreed with his World War I "analysis." Surely, Kissinger was being politely dismissive of Elder in not bothering to point out that it was not a given that U.S. intervention prevented Europe's monarchs from obliterating themselves. If that were to have happened, however, all of Europe would probably have become engulfed by a tidal wave of Communism that would have made the Communist takeover of czarist Russia look like a sideshow. No one would ever have heard of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, and the U.S. would have had a national security problem in the 1920s more threatening than the one presented by the Axis in the 1940s and by the Cold War in the 1950s.

Best license plates

I would like take my hat off to Indiana. They have the best license plates I have ever seen. They have the American flag, and it says "In God We Trust."

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