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Use the mail to reach elderly 

I'm an elderly person myself, so I'm speaking from that viewpoint. If people want to speak to me or other people that are elderly like myself and there's a question as to how good their hearing is, then they should send the information through the mail — not on the phone.

Appeal your property assessment 

Charles Dooley is up to his old tricks again. I don't know how many people have looked at their real estate tax, but on a 60-year-old house, my taxes went up $40,000 on my appraisal, and when you average that with what the land came up with, it was a 54 percent increase. I ask everybody to just flood St. Louis County with appeals. 

Thanks to kind teenagers 

This is a compliment for the young teenagers in Grasso Plaza. I'm a senior lady and I'm always with several other senior ladies or gentlemen when we eat out. We eat at the Bread Company in Grasso Plaza. I want to compliment the teenagers who are always on call. They always seem to be there to open the door when you're going in or coming out and helping us when we get in line to be served. They will even step aside and let you take their place. They must be from some of those high schools in that area. They certainly are polite and treat us so well. Their parents are to be complimented, and so are the teachers. Thank you, teenagers; we think you're great.

Prop P callers bother people 

I'm calling regarding Proposition P that we're voting on on April 2. I wouldn't vote for this only because I feel the Citizens for Safe and Accessible Arch and Public Parks initiative are really wasting money. Every other day I'm getting a postcard a or a flyer to vote "yes." I'm getting robo calls almost daily. I'm so tired of going after my phone, only to get this robo call. To me, they're nothing but a pain in the butt, and they're aggravating me enough that I will vote "no." And I'm wondering if other people feel the same way.

Solicitors' phone calls never stop

I'm getting sick and tired. We get as high as five and six phone calls from people trying to peddle stuff, from people selling stuff, and we're supposed to be on one of these "no-call" lists. But yet anybody and everybody can call. When they do call, they're going to be sorry because this little old lady uses language they may never have heard. We pay for this phone. Why do we have to put up with this?

Editor's note: To get on the Missouri No Call List or to complain about solicitors' calls, call 1-866-662-2551. To get on the National No Call Registry, call 1-888-382-1222.

What's county doing to Oakville homes? 

I live in Oakville, and on Milburn Road by Oakville Senior High, there are three homes that St. Louis County rented. And they were going to do something to the Milburn-Baumgartner intersection. No one has been in the homes for three or more months. What are they going to do with the houses? Are they going to let them fall down? Are they going to rent them out? Are they no longer going to have the trash truck industry going up and down Milburn like they had planned to do? I am an Oakvillian and I would like an answer.

Homeowners getting cheated 

They should call the St. Louis County reassessment the Charlie Dooley Land Grab because if you own any amount of property — an acre, two acres — what I found is that everybody that lives in a subdivision house, their rates pretty much went down. Anybody with property --. mine went up 54 percent, and I'm fighting it. So I am looking toward anybody who has property, please appeal it. You only have a very short deadline to do it. And if we all band together, we should not be penalized because we have old homes on a little bigger property.  Charlie Dooley, I don't want my house mowed down because you want to put up 13 or 14 of them. I think you really need to look at yourself in the mirror.

Vote against Proposition P 

As a county resident, I'm going to vote "no" on Proposition P. I'm getting sick of every time the city needs something, they come out here with their hand out. And according to Proposition P, city needs are going to be way over those of the county. I'm not going to keep subsidizing the city. And then Mayor Slay brags out what great things are going on in the city. Yeah, you're living off the backs of the St. Louis County residents, that's what you're doing. So when Proposition P comes up, vote against it. If you want things done in the county, vote for just the county. Don't carry the city on your back.