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Recycling policy unfair in county

I heard on "Donnybrook" the other night that the St. Louis Cardinals and the Rams are getting a grant from the city and county to recycle and yet people that don't have to recycle in the county have to pay for it. Why is that, when the city has free recycling but the county has to pay for it by themselves? I think (County Executive Charlie) Dooley should answer these questions and get to the bottom of this.

Older women need appropriate attire  

I'm an old woman, and I do mean old. I shop for dresses and shoes but never find anything. My contemporaries and I would like to find dresses with three-quarter or long sleeves with modest necklines and with fuller and longer skirts. We would like to find pumps with mid-height heels. We don't want to show the flab and wrinkles in the abbreviated styles, and we don't want to teeter on stiletto heels. Are any stores interested in our business? 

Tattooing is against Scripture 

This is in response to the person who asked, "Why get tattooed?" It's against the Bible to get tattooed. According to Leviticus, chapter 19, verse 28, you shouldn't tattoo yourself and you shouldn't cut yourself. I thought you'd like to know.   

Are thrift stores for profit?

There are so many thrift stores opening throughout the city and county of St. Louis. And I love the thrift stores. I go there to make purchases. But I go to these stores because they are for charity. And yet someone told me that if the thrift stores charge tax, then they are not for charity. Is it a percentage that they give to charity and a small percentage of it pays for rent and salaries? But how much is actually given to charity, and to what charity? I would be interested in knowing because I do donate to the thrift stores, and if it's not for charity, then I'm going to stop giving to the thrift stores. 

Editor's note: Some thrift stores are for profit, some are not for profit.

No sense of identity or direction 

Wow, so people get tattoos so that if they die they can be identified or they can't be confused with a double. Now I've heard everything. The people I know with tattoos get them because they have no sense of personal identity and they think they're cool, or they don't have any parental sense of direction that tells them later in life when they want to get married or be employed, that these things can be actual turn-offs and become way less attractive as you age.

Why no Mehlville picnics? 

I live in the Mehlville School District. They used to have picnics for the kids with rides and booths. What happened? Do they not do picnics any more? Many people remember their school picnics fondly with their classmates and their relatives. Other school districts have these; what happened to Mehlville?