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Is Mehlville school board unethical? 

I can't believe what I read in one of the community newspapers. The Mehlville school board approved awarding of the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 audits if it received a favorable review of the 2012-2013 audit. How can something like this be ethical? Isn't this similar to a bribe? 

Will county get stuck with the tab? 

I just read in the newspaper, "City-county development agency advances." I hope that doesn't mean the county is going to have to come up with all the money to do whatever.

Only larceny, whatever that is 

Those of us who live in the South County area, which of course, is policed by the Fourth District, are very happy to live in the South County area because, apparently, as reported ,all we have is larcenies. We don't have any drug dealings or armed robberies or anything that everywhere else has, as reported by the Fourth. All we have is larcenies. And nobody knows what a larceny is anyway. It's an unknown fact, and those of us who live here really prefer to have it this way and not know what a larceny is. Thank you, Fourth District. 

Editor's note: A larceny is a theft. For example, picking someone's pocket is larceny.

There's a market for older women's clothing 

This is about the older woman who could not find appropriate clothes and shoes. I am a senior and I agree with her. There are no shops for older women. Some smart person ought to jump on this and open a store. We have money to spend. We go dancing, traveling, out to lunch and dinner and, yes, we have gentlemen friends who like to take us out on dates. I feel like we are the forgotten generation.

No shoes for elderly women 

I agree totally with the older woman in Town Talk this past week. When you're older, you cannot find clothes or shoes that older people can walk in. I was at the store the other day, and there was not one pair of shoes an older person could walk in.

Affton needs another thrift store 

Fifty-seven years ago, my husband and I had our home built here in Affton. My husband is deceased. I'm still a resident of Affton. I visit the stores in Affton; I shop in Affton; I have many friends that live in Affton; and I live in a nice section, but I never knew it was so high-faluting that we can't have a thrift store. We've had a building for rent on Mackenzie Road for a couple of years, and across the street is another rental place which was a grocery store. Better to have something in these stores than to have them empty. I shop at thrift shops and I enjoy the thrift shop. And there's a thrift store on Gravois near St. George Church and they have lovely things in there. I don't think it's taken anything away from Affton. Let's think twice before we say "no" to some of these stores. I'm looking forward to a thrift store in Affton, and I'm not going to move. 

Stores don't offer what older women need

I agree with the lady who wrote in about older women needing appropriate attire. I also am looking for dresses that are not short, above the knee, and not low-cut, showing everything.  I try to spend money at some stores. but they won't take my money because they don't offer anything for someone that's 75 years old, and I'm still very active. Please give me some dresses I can wear appropriately.