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Concerning Scott Bandle's story in the March 27 edition about the proposed Crestwood Court redevelopment:

Scott Nauert commented:

Hey! I got a bright idea! Let's build another strip mall using taxpayer money! (sarcasm)

Tom Tipsword commented:

How about wooing IKEA to the site? It would be a great anchor and would attract people from all over. Since the site is about two miles from the interstate, you need an attraction to inspire shoppers to come here. If you build it, they will come. Then build your shops, restaurants, theaters, (not another bowling alley, we have one already), etc.

James Haney commented:

Tear it down and build another Walmart super center and Sam's with a Lowe's next door. (more sarcasm)

Michael Porter commented:

Not one dime of public money.