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County park department recognizes volunteers

St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Director Bettie Yahn-Kramer (left) gives special recognition to volunteers Sydney Wieberg (middle), Lucille Wiechens (right) and Rita Surgeon (not present) with a special Outstanding Service Award during the 2014 celebration.

As part of National Volunteer Week, the St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Department recognized exceptional volunteers at a Volunteer Appreciation celebration, according to a press release.

The event was at the Lodge at Quail Ridge Park near Wentzville on April 10. During the program, it was announced that in 2013, hundreds of volunteers contributed 4,427 hours of donated time to the St. Charles County regional parks system.

St. Charles County Parks Director Bettie Yahn-Kramer began the program by expressing her heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers and recognized all the ways they have assisted the Parks Department over the years.

“Our dedicated volunteers come in so many packages, and assist with so many programs and special events throughout the year,” she said. “I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work and time they have donated.”

Among the 65 participants, there were several organizations and individuals who were recognized:

  • the Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri received the Outstanding Volunteer Educational Outreach Award;
  • the St. Charles County Disc Golf Club received the Outstanding Volunteer Outdoor Recreation Award;
  • Gateway Off -Road Cyclists received the Outstanding Volunteer Trails Award and
  • the Missouri Master Naturalist, Confluence Chapter received the Natural Resources Award.

In addition to the group awards, three individuals were recognized for their Outstanding Service: Lucille Wiechens, Sydney Wieberg, Rita Surgeon.

Volunteers helped to beautify and manage natural resources in the park; maintain and build the regional trails system; assist with educational programs and special events and assist with demonstrations, re-enactments and interpretations at our Towne Park homestead and the County Heritage Museum.

To register to become a volunteer for the St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Department, please contact 636-949-7535 or visit