When a friend or family member is determined to have an illness or any medical condition, many questions arise in mind. For example, how will this condition affect their future? Will they adapt according to the reality or real world? In what capacity will the life of that person will change after this disability disclosure? How would you manage somebody who is not quite the same as others?

This term 'debilitated' is frequently associated as being an alien. However, at Developing Our World, we perceive it as “Being Different”. Here our mission is to explain to people that having any sort of disability means the condition is connected with individuals determined to have various types of mental and physical conditions. The term 'debilitated' isn't actually wrong - these conditions that regularly limit ordinary working in social situations. But would we say we are doing right in calling such people disabled?

The answer is NO – they are not disabled, they are just “Differently-abled.” People with medical conditions are just like us, they are Human Being!

Calling such people “Differently - abled” defines the ability and value in them. And our organization’s vision is to treat them similarly as a normal human. While mental conditions like chemical imbalance can influence certain regular capacities. It need not prevent those unique people from getting a charge out of a satisfying, advanced and adored life. Know this, together we can help numerous individuals to prosper and cheer their existence with the correct chance. We can offer love and support.

So How can we help?

If there is somebody you know with mental or physical conditions, the best you can do is give them genuine love, and lots of support. Learning is also considered as the most ideal approach to help people around you. You can likewise help by getting the message out and educate people on the issue of mental conditions. Or, you can also help by following these simple steps:

Become familiar with the best possible wording

Ensure you utilize the correct terms while talking about individuals who are handicaps. Certain terms that were once viewed as the standard are presently obsolete and even hostile. The initial step to helping individuals with medical conditions is teaching yourself about the correct words.

Communicate directly & Be straightforward

Most of the time, individuals with a medical condition are helped by mediators, medical attendants, or companions. It's imperative that, when speaking with somebody with an incapacity, you talk straightforwardly to that individual. Try not to channel discussion through another person.

Ask before giving help

When you see an individual with an inability battling with something, you automatically bounce in and try to help. Sometimes, without realizing that an individual's particular needs or aims you might do more damage. Try your level best to ask before offering your help.

Donate money

Fundraising can be very helpful for people with disabilities. People with medical conditions usually requires extra money to cover their bills and medical costs. Just like “Developing Our World,” you can help raise funding or you can donate some money.

Be mindful of labeling others

When first you hold yourself of naming somebody as “disabled” it is an action itself. Individuals shouldn't be labeled or named as anything else, in particular disabled. When somebody is determined to have a condition (like mental imbalance), they aren't medically introverted, they just have a condition. Their identity as an individual should be acknowledged. While the labeling and name-calling are imperative to a few, it isn't to others.

Direct individuals in the best possible way

Many people don't intend to be hostile or hurtful. They may be just ignorant of how to interact with individuals with medical conditions or disabilities. When somebody you see appears to be confounded or unsure, direct them to figure out how to interface with individuals with disabilities. By educating others you can help create better understanding, better perspective, even a better community.

To Conclude

We at Developing Our World, try our best to put holistic community development into action. And so, we help people understand that Individuals with mental or physical conditions are just differently abled people. They are the people having a remarkable set of abilities and unique features.

Everyone has the capacity and everyone matters, this concept is tied in with recognizing it. ' Differently-abled' doesn't hide the fact that you are adored and loved. Those people are the one who has been diagnosed with having a condition, yet it should not keep us empowering them. They are the one who sees what we can't, hear what we can't and figure out what we can't. This makes their capacity unique - not inferior not extraordinary – simply “Different.” 

About the Author

Miguel Torneire is an enthusiastic supporter, a husband, a father, an author, and a missionary, working as an Executive Director at Developing Our World, an organization dedicated to helping out people from the USA to people in South Central and North America, as well as Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. He is an eclectic and enthusiastic contributor to St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He loves playing soccer, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and bicycling. His work allows him to equip leaders in the USA and around the world for creating better communities. 

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