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Most thrill-seekers like their roller coasters big. They like them fast. And they like them steep. 

Wednesday, Silver Dollar City unveiled plans to hit all three with the "World’s Fastest, Steepest and Tallest Complete-Circuit Spinning Roller Coaster." At $26 million, it's the amusement park's biggest attraction ever. 

The coaster, called the Time Traveler, will open next spring.

The Branson, Mo., 1880s-style theme park made news in 2013 when it debuted Outlaw Run, at the time the world's second-fastest wood coaster

Time Traveler by the numbers: 

Fastest – Top speed of 50.3 miles per hour

Steepest - A 10-story, 90-degree vertical drop … straight down. 

Tallest - Custom-designed for mountainous terrain with its tallest point at 100 feet

First & Only with Three Inversions - a Dive Loop, a Vertical Loop and a Zero-G Roll

First & Only with a Vertical Loop - A 95-foot tall loop

First and Only Double Launch – 0 to 47 mph in 3 seconds; 30 to 45 mph in 3.5 seconds