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Jenna Jones

Jason Bockman shook hands with the previous owner of World’s Fair Donuts, Terry Clanton, in the back of the shop. His first thought? “Here we go again.”

Bockman has managed a year of balancing World’s Fair Donuts and his other business, Strange Donuts. The year has been nothing short of a roller coaster, he says. He’s had compliments and complaints. He’s changed very little about World’s Fair but has been able to bring new ideas to Strange Donuts. There have been ups, downs and everything in between, but Bockman has managed.

We talked to him about taking over a St. Louis staple. ...

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If Instacart and a community grocery store had a baby, it would be Tower Grove Farmers’ Market Delivers. At least, that’s what director of operations Dee Ryan thinks.

“We’re giving all these local vendors and farmers that are already at the market an opportunity to have their items delivered to people who have been really careful during COVID times,” Ryan says. “And what we found is people love this service.”

Last year, the pandemic forced farmers markets to get creative, enacting mask requirements and one-way foot traffic. Tower Grove Farmers’ Market did that — and took it a step further, teaming with Eat Here STL owners Preston and Megan Walker to deliver produce boxes.

A year later, there’s no end in sight. ...

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